The purpose of AMIL is to help establish and strengthen ties between doctors and pharmacists, dentists, nurses, some paramedics and students of these professions, who come to the Sanctuary of Lourdes, alone or by accompanying an organized pilgrimage, and more generally between all the practitioners – and students – 

of these health professions who are interested in Lourdes and would like to follow medical action in the study of the alleged cures and the support of the pilgrims in Lourdes. The Association operates exclusively in the religious and medical fields, excluding any professional or political question.


These associations were created to bring together professionals from the health sector who collaborate with the physicians to establish diagnoses and prognosis, observe and analyze cures, and decide on the explicable character or not of said cures.


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Editorial – N° 351

Dear Members of AMIL and
Dear Readers,
Here in your hands is the Spring issue of our Bulletin, which was born in 1928 and is now entering its 94th year of publication. Much has happened this winter but I have a moral duty to share with you first of all, the satisfaction that I have received from the many messages of congratulations and thanks for the last two issues…

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Editorial – N° 350

The new pandemic and the new words … while waiting to return to Lourdes. or almost a year, we have been receiving daily updates on the pandemic caused by Covid. This information concerns new cases, hospitalisations, deaths and threatening predictions for the future. There is no shortage of headlines in the media and they often…

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Editorial – N° 348+349

Dear AMIL members and dear Bulletin readers,

I am particularly pleased to be able to present this issue of the Bulletin to you, the first to be designed and published during the “COVID-19 era”. This new and dreaded viral disease, now widespread throughout the world, is caused by a new Coronavirus never previously identified in humans.

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